Our policy against the unauthorised online sale of NeroGiardini branded products

NeroGiardini does not have an online store for the direct sale of its products to consumers but instead authorises a limited number of selected websites to sell its products.
We have implemented a “zero tolerance” policy, setting up a full programme designed to verify the websites that sell NeroGiardini branded products online without authorisation, or which sell false or counterfeit products.

Many websites sell products that break the law by illegally violating our intellectual property rights. Although we are launching various actions to limit these websites, they continue to appear and disappear from day to day.

Please check the website from which you make your purchases

If you have any doubts about purchasing one of our products online and would like to be sure that the website is authorised, you can check this using the link below.

Controllo sito autorizzato EN

If the website you have entered is not authorised to sell our products online, please report this to us using the form below.

Segnalazione sito non autorizzato EN