B.A.G. Spa, owner of the NeroGiardini brand, owes its success to the production of quality fashion footwear, accessories and clothing.

Based in Monte San Pietrangeli (FM) in the Marche Region, NeroGiardini lies at the heart of the local Fermo-Macerata footwear district, renowned for its leather craftsmanship tradition. The company is led by Enrico Bracalente, sole administrator of BAG SpA.

Enrico Bracalente

Born in 1957, Enrico Bracalente leads B.A.G. S.p.A., a company based in Monte San Pietrangeli (AP) and owner of the NeroGiardini brand.

Made in Italy

“…the aim is to produce high quality shoes and accessories here in Italy, so we can protect our know-how while creating jobs, wealth and prosperity. manufacturing our products primarily in our country represents for us a real mission.”

Enrico Bracalente

The production

The entrepreneurship and visionary approach of Enrico Bracalente are the foundations of a unique organizational model that effectively delivers an extensive production through detailed planning.


Owing its success to Made in Italy creativity and quality craftsmanship, NeroGiardini holds a solid leading position in the mid-range segment of the Italian market, where its products are distributed nationwide. The company has been on the forefront of distribution logistics, with a high number of NeroGiardini showrooms located all over Italy, to support a superior sales network and engage with its customers.


“I’ve always believed that there is a gap between education and industry, which we business entrepreneurs need to fill. We need to attract young people into our companies through vocational training schools and invest more in education because young resources are essential for all companies and productive sectors”.

Enrico Bracalente